Open kitchen with chef Olivier present
Lunch menu, bread basket served with 2 kinds of butter
Octopus salad with eggplant caviar; prawn frisee salad and calamansi jelly
Chilled tomato soup with basil ice cream; sweet corn soup with beef “Fritots” and popcorn
Obsiblue prawn and venere rice, Duck foie gras, spätzle pasta with smoked duck
Passion fruit soufflé with mango sorbet

$288 for 3 courses, $368 for 4 courses, $448 for 5 courses

A friend and I had 3 courses (first, second, main) and ordered a la carte for dessert as the lunch options were quite boring. 

Octopus salad and eggplant caviar was mediocre and under-seasoned. The prawn salad with calamansi jelly was bright and refreshing. 

Both soups were under-seasoned, especially the gazpacho was very bland and basil ice cream was all color and no flavour. The corn soup fared a little better - the popcorn idea was fun but failed to deliver. 

For mains we chose chef’s signature obsiblue prawn with venere rice which was very tiny. There was 1 prawn, and roughly 4 tablespoons of forbidden black rice and spice from paprika… Good but not great
The duck spätzle pasta dish was pan-fried and served with pieces of smoked duck and foie gras cream sauce - very rich, the pasta was way too soft and the smoked duck was indistinguishable from store-bought varieties. It was definitely lacking. 

Whilst my friends had the chocolate cream with crispy tuile and sea salt caramel and the lemon meringue tart. Both were tiny and unmemorable. My choice of passionfruit souffle was definitely my favourite dish of the afternoon - perfectly cylindrical and tangy. Great with or without the mango sorbet. 

Summary: Great space and perfectly risen passionfruit soufflé but everything else was quite forgettable. The team was also very friendly but knew nothing about the food or menu. I don’t think I’d come back in the near future, perhaps if they’re still busy in a few years’ time. 

@ Seasons by Olivier E., Lee Gardens, Causeway Bay

Cronut with chocolate filling ($45) (croissant doughnut) in HK. Despite the good looks I was very underwhelmed by Mandarin Oriental Cake shop’s version. I had to get another HK style donut (granulated sugar coated ring donuts that will cost you $5-7 depending on the bakery) to fix my craving.

@ the borough market and my lunch of moong dal dosa which was super delicious and only £5.00!

I also had the freshly shucked oysters at Richard Haward - 6 small ones for £5.00. 

The variety of fresh groceries and cooked foods was amazing - if only I lived in London!